VPN vs Proxy

Whats the difference between using a VPN and a Proxy server to brow anonymously ?

VPN vs Proxy

Use VPN or proxy can be a good option for those who want to use the Internet without worrying about invasion of privacy, or for those who want to get access to blocked sites. Although the two alternatives offer similar solutions to the same problem, there are some fundamental differences between them, which expose their advantages and disadvantages. Next, you will be kept in the loop about VPNs, proxies and their characteristics to know what is the best solution for you on your computer.

Before addressing the differences between each method, it is interesting to refresh your memory on the basic structure of the Internet: for example, when you access the TechTudo without using a proxy, or a virtual private network (VPN), your connection to the site is basically straight with the site.

In theory, this relationship can leave data such as the location of your access and other details about what you do on the Internet exposed to be harvested by companies, individuals and even Governments.
The idea of using proxy or VPN Service in time to surf the Internet is putting a middleman in this process, able to insert a layer of noise and make your navigation more difficult to intercept them.

What are they for?

The use of the two methods is very popular for two types of situation: desire to hide the origin of their access and search for more privacy while using the Internet, and access to blocked content in certain countries, as the foreign collection of services like Netflix, videos with geographical restrictions on YouTube, and even services that are not available in all countries as Amazon Fire and Pandora.

How does a proxy work ?

The word “proxy” comes from the English and can be translated as “power of Attorney”. Browse through “proxy” is to use a service that can put as an intermediary between you and the content you consume on the network.
In this sense, when you decide to apply this method to navigate your computer connects to an intermediate server, which can be located anywhere in the world. Returning to the previous example, it’s like this server by accessing the TechTudo website for you, which causes their apparent visit has other places in the world source other than their home.

The effect of this intermediate element in navigation is the possibility hide some information regarding its activities. If someone intercepts your access to the site of the TechTudo while you use a proxy, would have the impression that you accessed the website from another country.

Disadvantages and limitations of using a proxy

There are several types of proxy, many of them are public and free, and there are companies that provide navigation via proxy through the payment of fees.
In either case, the use of proxy should be regarded with skepticism. It is possible that services of that genre to store logs, which are records of user activities while sailed with the proxy.
In the end, these data can be sold and end up with the idea of private browsing, the feature would be used for security, becomes even more insecure.

Another problem, especially for those seeking privacy, is that many services end up using the IP address on the Internet, to access the sites you browse, reducing much the effectiveness of hiding the navigation.

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